There's so much that changes in the MG landscape throughout the year...we thought a plant trial and garden blog was the best way to start sharing "what's new" and "what's happening with all those new varieties" with you! Visit often for updates on how trial plants are performing in the gardens and to see photos throughout the season as we grow and change!

Welcome to the Midwest Groundcovers Landscape Blog

Welcome to the Midwest Groundcovers Landscape Blog
Astilbe 'Vision in Red' with Hosta 'Patriot' and Carex 'Ice Dance'

Friday, May 4, 2012

Hello again, and happy May!
I decided to peruse the more shady areas of the landscape this week.  To my delight, there were many things looking great. 

Osmunda cinnamomea with Hyacinthoides hispanica
This was an unintentional combination that occured because of the Hyacinthoides naturalizing in the landscape.  The color contrast of the light green fronds of the cinnamon fern with the dark strap-like leaves of Hyacinthoides is great.  But what you can only slightly see in the picture is how they contrast so well with the Heuchera 'Blackout' behind it.  The three plants together make for an attractive combination.
Carex pensylvanica with Hyacinthoides hispanica
This is where the original plantings of  Hyacinthoides began.  Most of the year, the Carex fills this spot out and looks great.  But this time of year, the bulbs are the best.  A lawn-like area is transformed into a bloom festival.   There are concerns in some parts of the country where Spanish Bluebells have become aggressive.  I could see that happening over time.  In an area that is maintained, I think it's worth planting. 
Polygonatum 'Prince Charming'
This is a plant being introduced by Chicagoland Grows, but it was bred by Brent Horvath at Intrinsic Perennials in Hebron, IL.  I've had it in the landscape for a good amount of time now, and it has thrived in two spots.  Both with a lot of shade, like you see in this picture and with partial sun.  The blue-green leaves are stunning all growing season, and now are decorated by white flowers that look like hanging earrings.

Heuchera 'Palace Purple' with Hosta 'Halcyon'
Classic combination of the week here.  Purple and blue look so good together in the shade.  I may have posted this before, but I'm recycling thoughts.  I used to scoff at those who used 'Palace Purple' over some of the other Heuchera.  There is a reason so many Heuchera have come and gone, and this one remains.  It is the best in all my trials.  It always comes back strong, and can even perform in some sun.  Hosta 'Halcyon' is another favorite of mine.  For the smaller sized blue Hosta there is no better in my opinion.  One step further, it is the parent to some of my other favorite Hosta like 'June' and 'First Frost'.  Classic plants can look amazing together, and knowing they are classic can also help you to know that they are qualified performers in even the toughest situations.

Thanks again for taking the time at the blog.  I hope you have enjoyed, and until next time, have a great day,

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