There's so much that changes in the MG landscape throughout the year...we thought a plant trial and garden blog was the best way to start sharing "what's new" and "what's happening with all those new varieties" with you! Visit often for updates on how trial plants are performing in the gardens and to see photos throughout the season as we grow and change!

Welcome to the Midwest Groundcovers Landscape Blog

Welcome to the Midwest Groundcovers Landscape Blog
Astilbe 'Vision in Red' with Hosta 'Patriot' and Carex 'Ice Dance'

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

Hello again. It's been a couple weeks since I last posted. Spring apparently has arrived and business is getting better. It's funny how the people in the horticulture industry anticipate Spring all Winter so that when it comes, we can all get stressed out. It's also curious how for many years I've heard so many people talk about how "In the Chicagoland area, there is only two seasons; Winter and Summer." This year we finally have a great spring and everyone is complaining about how cold it is! It's in the 60's people! It's absolutely fantastic outside! Trees, shrubs and perennials are exhibiting some of the best colors in years. Let's enjoy it while it lasts. Anyways, on to the landscape. Sorry about the diatribe.

The Entrance
I can't tell you the pressure of designing an entrance to our facility. Last fall we decided to plant bulbs around the entrance in between the Koeleria glauca that will eventually make a nice groundcover. Right now you really can't see the Koeleria much. This Spring, I was disappointed when the Hyacinths we planted bloomed before the Alliums. I wanted to see them at the same time. Turns out, the consolation prize wasn't too bad. The Alliums have proven spectacular.
The Hosta Garden

The Hosta garden was installed last year. It was located in an area that was underused and a little raggedy. This year it has began to take off. All varieties of Hosta that we carry are located here. For the Hosta lover, it is worth a stop.

The Experimental Groundcover Garden

This garden was installed two years ago. Some of the plants that are included are, Carex glauca, Phlox divaricata laphamii, Heuchera richardsonii, Alchemilla mollis, Dianthus 'Feuerhexe' and Aster divaricatus. This has become one of my favorite areas in the landscape. The Carex running like a stream through the other plants has a very relaxing effect on me.

The Baptisia Garden

Baptisia is starting to bloom here in St Charles. The first one to bloom is the Starlite Prairieblues(TM). The Baptisia from the Chicagoland Grows program have exceeded expectations as far as growth rate. They blow other Baptisia out of the water in production. Sales is a different story. If you have yet to try one of these great new plants, you are missing out. They are well worth the space required in your garden. Plan like it's a shrub!

Miscellaneous Greatness

Amsonia is blooming! It is quite a sight around here to see all the different types of Amsonia in bloom. From 'Blue Ice' to tabernaemontana var. salicifolia, there is one for everyone. If you are into low growing plants, try 'Blue Ice'. If dark stems are what drives you, try tabernaemontana var. salicifolia. Try saying that three times fast! That's a lot of syllables. A. hubrichtii for the soft textured foliage is nice as well. Get them while they're hot!!!

Heuchera 'Green Spice' is a greatly underappreciated coralbell. The multi colored leaves change throughout the year. It's also a native selection of H. americana to boot. Because it's a selection of a native plant, you can expect success!

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Until next time, I leave you with a quote from Albert Einstein:
"It's impossible to simultaneously prepare for and prevent war." To our fallen soldiers of the past, present and future, we are thinking of you.

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